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Eyolf Dale Trio er en av landets fremste pianotrioer, og de har også gjort seg bemerket med et stort antall konserter internasjonalt.

Trioen består av pianist Eyolf Dale, bassist Per Zanussi og trommeslager Audun Kleive. Musikken består av Dales originale komposisjoner.

"A musician with exceptional nuance, pianist Eyolf Dale's uniquely expressive improvisational voice is of ever-growing importance in the European scene. Following the success of his first trio album, Being (2021), as well as an extraordinary body of solo piano work, ‘The Wayfarers’ is his latest album with long-term collaborators Per Zanussi and Audun Kleive.

‘The Wayfarers’ is a journey. From the warm optimism of the opening track through to melancholy and deep yearning and nostalgia which can be found in 'After the Party' and 'Fields of Kyiv,' the album truly captures the highs and lows, the twists and turns of life on the road. The album unfolds gradually, with each track an opportunity to stop and observe something that might have caught your attention along the way. For Eyolf, this opportunity to pause, reflect and admire is exactly what writing music is all about: "Music helps me to understand and realise what my feelings or emotions are about. It helps me to make choices in life. To be in contact with my own compass”

Eyolf's sound is instantly recognisable by its unique blend of Norwegian folk, jazz, and classical music - with a truly remarkable resemblance to composers like Chopin and Finzi for a pianist with no classical training. The use of the harpsichord-like Hammerspinet on ‘The Wayfarers’ injects a brightness and energy that makes this record like nothing you've heard before.

The trio has grown from strength to strength since releasing their debut album ‘Being’ (Edition Records, 2021) and is playing together more than ever before. The result is that ‘The Wayfarers’ is a much more collaborative process, with Per Zanussi and Audun Kleive involved in the writing at a much earlier stage. While Being was an intensely personal record, ‘The Wayfarers’ is about profound trust and collaboration, as Eyolf explains: 'The one thing that really I come back to every time is the empathy and the connection between people. There’s this special connection. It’s a matter of trust. They trust me to create music for them. And I trust them to deal with it in a manner that’s both respectful and disrespectful.'

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Eyolf Dale

Tlf: 996 21 008


Sitater fra pressen


“ evocative journey through Dale's influences in jazz, classical and folk music”. Presto Music (UK)

"... stunning new trio album!" Open Jazz, France Musique, Jazz Trotter feature

"...nothing short of a triumph." UK Vibe 5 STARS *****

"...laid out like a musical road movie full of surprising soundscapes." WDR 3 Jazz (DE)

"A new flag bearer for Nordic jazz." 北欧ジャズの新たな担い手として注目したい.  Jazz Life Magazine (JP)

"... a uniquely expressive album that burns brightly with life and imagination." UK Vibe 5 STARS *****

"It is wholeness and substance that characterise this beautiful album". Aftenposten (NO) 5 STARS *****

“Exquisite sound experience.” Aftenposten (NO) 5 STARS *****

"The Wayfarers finds the three musicians capturing the highs and lows of life on the road." Jazziz Magazine, 10 Albums You Need To Know (US)

"The Wayfarers is a big, moving album" NDR Jazz Album of the Week (DE)

"...raising the bar for what a trio can accomplish." UK Vibe 5 STARS *****

"There is a vibrancy here that complements the darkness often in the writing …" Marlbank (UK)

"Whether this is the album of the year, is a bit early to say for sure, but that The Wayfarers is a candidate isn't in doubt."  Dag og Tid (NO)

“Could be a soundtrack for a surreal ‘coming of age’ film, emotional and yet intangible, powerful and yet soaring into other spheres.” Kulturnews (DE)

“The bright metallic sound of 'The Sky At Sunset’' creates a kind of minimal music at twice the velocity: Steve Reich on speed.” Kulturnews (DE)

“The Wayfarers is nothing short of a triumph - as is Eyolf Dale and his trio too.” Nettavisen (NO) (6/6) ******

“The Wayfarers is the final proof that Eyolf Dale’s music and his trio belong with the very best, wherever we look.” Nettavisen (NO) (6/6) ******

"Quite perfect music...Athletic piano jazz." Dagens Næringsliv (NO)


"Until now he was known (...) mainly as the leader of the wonderful octet Wolf Valley, with which he creates a very colorful music, in which dramaturgy plays a special role. With "Being" Dale has now very successfully transferred this approach to trio playing. (Audun Kleive & Per Zanussi's) nuanced playing (...) contributes a lot to the richness of color of this record." Deutschlandfunk, DE

"BEING by Eyolf Dale has become a very emotional album. Often lyrical, always multi-layered and of enormous depth." hr2 Kultur radio, Jazz Now, DE

"The compositions are masterpieces of the trio art." SWR2, DE

"A subtle groove and intense lyricism that have already earned him more than 6 million connections on Spotify for his previous albums. A hypnotic beauty." France Musique, Open Jazz, FR

"This winter's big jazz album (...) Beautiful and imaginative from the piano trio by Eyolf Dale." Dagens Næringsliv (DN) Magasinet, NO

"Artistically sophisticated, but at the same time down to earth. In times of Corona, live music has become quiet. But with Being on the headphones, it's almost like "being there". LIRA Musikmagasin, SE

"A future piano classic” JazzThing, DE

"With its classic structure and playing freedom, Being has become a timeless jazz album that puts Dale more than ever on the global jazz map." Written In Music, NL

"Luxurious  [...] Huge [...] Beautiful [...] Demonstration of Power" Jazznytt, NO

"There will probably not be a more intelligent, more subtle trio record this year.”Kulturnews, DE

Other reviews:

"Dale’s debut as a leader on an important European jazz label is impressive at several levels – in conception, in execution and from a compositional perspective he succeeds in ticking all boxes.” Stuart Nicholson , Jazzwise, UK 

"... it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Dale is amongst the very best." Fred Grand, Jazz Journal, FR

"Jedes Stück ein kleines Drama, an dessen Ende man woanders steht als am Anfang” Deutschlandfunk Kultur, DE

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