Photo: Anne Valeur


Unfortunately, Eyolf Dale Trio had to cancel our tour in Germany this week because of the COVID-situation in the country. We're SO sorry, but will be back next year! 


Next week, Audun, Per and I (+tech Håkon Pettersen) are going on a long awaited tour in Germany. We are really, really excited about that! As we are reading the news, we understand the difficult situation in and around Germany these days regarding COVID. I know for a fact that all the promoters have invested A LOT of effort and money to ensure that everyone in the audience can feel safe. And, they can. Some of the clubs have installed new hygiene systems, bought new streaming rigs, set up antibac stations, and laid plans for new routines for staff and visitors. Your efforts to keep the music alive on stage, and your support means the world to us.

Fingers crossed for great live experiences next week, we promise to give it all on stage!!


New solo single «National Day Anxiety»



21.08  Fåx Trått, Oslo Jazz Festival (NO)

26.08  Torun Eriksen, JazzKaar Festival (E)

27.08  Torun Eriksen, JazzKaar Festival (E)

28.08  Torun Eriksen, JazzKaar Festival (E)

08.09  Herskedal Trio, DoubleTime Hameln (DE) 

09.09  Herskedal Trio, DoubleTime Hameln (DE) 

08.09  Herskedal Trio, Kulturforum, Lüneburg(DE) 

14.10  Eyolf Dale Solo - JazzFest Skien (NO)

16.10  Eyolf Dale Trio - JazzFest Skien (NO)

22.10  Eyolf Dale Trio - Oslo Konserthus (NO)

03.11  Herskedal & Ensemble Noor, Vadsø (NO)

04.11  Herskedal & EN, Varangerbotn (NO)

05.11  Herskedal & EN, Hammerfest (NO)

06.11  Herskedal & Ensemble Noor, Tromsø (NO)

14.11  Eyolf Dale Solo - Kampenjazz Oslo (NO)

16.11  Herskedal & EN, Brønnøysund (NO)

17.11  Herskedal & EN, Hemnesberget (NO)

18.11  Herskedal & EN, Bodø (NO)

19.11  Herskedal & EN, Svolvær (NO)

30.11  Eyolf Dale Trio -  Kassel (DE)

01.12. Eyolf Dale Trio - DoubleTime, Hameln (DE)

02.12. Eyolf Dale Trio - DoubleTime, Hameln (DE)

03.12. Eyolf Dale Trio - Gelsenkirchen (DE)

04.12. Eyolf Dale Trio - Jazzclub Unterfahrt (DE)


Photo: Thomas Leikvoll

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Photo: Thomas Leikvoll